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"We can go straight to K League 1": FC Anyang's Jonathan Moya

league 2021.09.03   I   hits 2079

FC Anyang remain in the hunt for promotion after a stellar start to the 2021 Hana 1Q K League 2 campaign. The team's top scorer, Costa Rican international striker Jonathan Moya, says that the Violets are focused on winning automatic promotion and are not thinking about the playoffs.

Ryan Walters: I want to get started with something you’ve been doing quite often this year: celebrating goals! You have one of the more unique celebrations I’ve seen, pointing to your forearm tattoo. Can you tell us the story behind this celebration?

Jonathan Moya: The meaning is simple. I have a five-year-old son, and for me he is the most important thing in my life, so I celebrate all of my goals by pointing to the tattoo of his name. A tattoo is something you have for your whole life, and for me, my tattoos have very strong meaning. The first one is the name of my son, and I also have the time he was born. The roses are for my parents and my brothers.

RW: You’ve played for some absolute giants of Costa Rican football in Deportivo Saprissa and Alajuelense and won trophies for both. For those who haven’t had the pleasure of watching the CONCACAF Champions League, how would you describe that competition? 

JM: CONCACAF Champions League is a very prestigious tournament for Mexico, Costa Rica, United States, and all of North America. I believe the matches are intense with strong opponents. I believe the strongest teams are from the United States and Mexico. Many people in Asia don’t know about CONCACAF Champions League, but it’s very similar to AFC Champions League. 

RW: How much has playing at that high of a level and winning titles transitioned into your time with FC Anyang? 

JM: I believe I achieved great things in Costa Rica. I was Apertura Champion in 2020 and that led me to play in other leagues and other countries, including Spain and Ukraine. I have always tried to develop the physical and mental sides of my game equally, and right now I’m mentally stronger to help Anyang achieve great things.

RW: Speaking of FC Anyang, let’s rewind things a little bit. This is your third experience outside of Costa Rica after stints in Spain and the Ukraine and your first in Asia. Did you speak with any current or former players like Elias Aguilar or Marco Ureña?

JM: Yes, they helped me when the opportunity to come to Korea appeared. Elías Aguilar and Marco Ureña spoke very highly about Korean football and the league, and said with my style of play, I would be able to help my team. I believe I’m prepared to stay here for many years. When the opportunity appeared I was very calm and ready to enjoy playing outside my country one more time.

RW: Now that you’re here, things have been going quite well. You’re second in the Golden Boot race and the team is chasing its first ever K League 2 title. What’s brought this success about both for you personally and for the team?

JM: I’m very glad how things are going for me here overall and my goals too. I'm the top scorer of my team and second in the league. Of course I want to score many goals, but the most important thing right now is to help my team win promotion. We are so close to getting promoted, and it would be a great thing in my career to play first division with Anyang and be the top scorer.

RW: How far can FC Anyang go this season?

JM: We can go straight to the first division. My team is extremely ready to get this promotion and my mentality is not (just) on making the playoffs, it’s on the title.

Ryan Walters
Head of Editorial
Twitter: @MrRyanWalters