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about K League - Korea Professional Football League

Greetings President's Greetings

Greetings from the President Korea Professional Football League President KWON Oh Gap

Hello, soccer fans who love the K-League.
A new morning has arrived in the year of Gapjin (甲辰年) in 2024.
I sincerely wish all of you good health and happiness in the new year.
Last year, which marked its 40th anniversary, the K-League surpassed 3 million for the first time since the number of paid spectators.
Once again, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the K League fans who visited the playground.
In addition, last year, on the 40th anniversary, we held a glorious event to select legends who contributed to the development of soccer in Korea and donate them to the K League Hall of Fame.
To practice sharing through soccer, the "K League Assistance" foundation was established to further expand and systematize the work of looking after neighbors in need in our society.
Soccer fans,
Now the K-League is beginning its efforts to make the next 40 years beyond the 40 years that have passed.
In particular, this year, we will focus our efforts on further developing the interest and love you gave us for the K League last year.
President of the Korea Professional Football Federation Kwon Oh-gap
First of all, I will make 'Fan First' the top priority of the K League, which brings us closer to soccer fans.
Professional sports can't exist without fans.
We will always listen to the fans' voices and judge everything from their point of view.
Not only executives and employees of the league, but also all K-League members, including K-League clubs, players, and coaching staff, will work in the spirit of "Fan First" that puts fans first.
We will take a closer look to see if there were any shortcomings so that the era of 3 million spectators achieved last year does not remain a temporary phenomenon, and if there is anything to change, we will boldly fix it.
Secondly, we will create a K-League digital ecosystem.
The way soccer fans enjoy soccer is becoming more diverse, and digital is at the center of it.
To support this, we need to have an online environment where you can experience and enjoy the K-League 24 hours a day as well as the stadium.
This year, we will create digital content to get closer to our fans.
Focusing on the K-League Media Center established in 2020, we will cooperate with OTT partners and each club to further promote the sharing of video content and expand the development of digital assets such as player cards.
Third, we will make a K-League full of history and records.
While preparing for the 40th anniversary project last year, I felt once again that our history and records are important.
We will make more efforts to collect, discover, and systematically organize data and videos related to the K League.
We will also subdivide various records and statistics to create more stories and attractions through the meaning and story behind them.
Finally, we will further strengthen our financial health and social responsibility.
Although the financial difficulties faced by the clubs cannot be resolved in a short period of time, we will establish a fiscal consolidation system to induce reasonable spending.
In addition, we will establish an internal control system in the K-League club licensing regulations to increase transparency in the operation of the club, and further advance social contribution and eco-friendly policies through systematic indicator management.
To soccer fans who love the K-League,
This year is the year of the blue dragon in Gapjin (甲辰年).
May the blue dragon's powerful energy be with you all,
We will do our best to impress you even more in this year's K League.
In addition, South Korea's soccer team won the Qatar Asian Cup in January and the Paris Olympics in July
We'll do our best to bring great joy to the fans
I will also support all members of the K League.
"Happy new year"

한국프로축구연맹 총재 권 오 갑