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"My goal is for Seoul E-Land to be promoted" - Seoul E-Land's Kim In-sung

league 2022.03.14   I   hits 1890

Since Joining Seoul E-Land in the summer of 2021. Kim In-sung has been an integral part of the Leopards' set-up. This year, Kim has been given the duty of captain as his team look to push forward in the hope of promotion to the K League 1. K League United columnist Michael Redmond asked Seoul's number seven on the aspect of being captain for the capital club.

You came to Seoul E-Land in the summer of 2021 and had an instant impact in the side with six goals. What are your expectations for yourself and for the team in this 2022 season?

When I moved to Seoul E-Land, Seoul itself lacked goals. I wanted to solve that as a striker. My desire was the driving force behind scoring a lot and I think I have shown that in my game and for the team.

There are many new strikers and players this season, and they are expected to score a lot in various ways. In addition, the number of goals we score is important, but it is more important that the team is winning every game, and we will try our best to make it happen.

What are your feelings of being given the captaincy role and does it show the trust Chung Jung-yong has in you as not only a player, but as a leader too?

When the manager asked me to be the captain, I was very grateful for his trust in me. I am the oldest player and I think he appointed me as captain as I have a lot of experience. I also think he thought I could help up and coming young players in Seoul E-Land set up.

With your experience, how can you help develop these young players that the manager has brought into Seoul this year? Also, how has the manager helped to develop your game?

When young players first join the team, they have difficulties to get used to being in a professional league, as it is a lot different from the amateur leagues. I am trying my best to help them to settle down well.

The manager asks me for faster and more aggressive play on the pitch. That matches with my strength and characteristics, so I try to bring this style of football to every game I am involved in.

You have won it all there is to win in Korean football. Do you look at Seoul E-Land as a new challenge for yourself now?

Not only have I won the Asian Champions League, I have also experienced success in all the competitions in Korea. I have also come as a runner-up a lot too. However, the only thing I haven't experienced is promotion from the second division to the first.

I want to win the K League 2 the most, but my biggest motivation and goal is for Seoul E-Land FC to be promoted for the first time since its foundation.

Seoul E-Land started very well last year. However, they, unfortunately, could not keep the same pace and ended up in ninth place. Do you think Seoul has the talent to prevent this from happening in 2022?

I wasn't there early last year, but any team can always have a crisis. How to wisely get through that situation is where a season is determined.

This season, if the team is in such a situation, I want to emphasize mental strength to all of the players, as that is my job as captain. It is my role to motivate the team to get through any tough spots and produce good results once again throughout the season.

You are a firm fan favourite in Seoul. Do you have any message for fans who will be making their first journey to watch you and Seoul E-Land this year?

When I first joined Seoul E-land in the summer of 2021, I realized that the team was lacking a winning mentality at the time. I also missed a lot of things myself I could have done, in terms of results. Moving forward, it is more important for me this year to play persistently and as one team for the entirety of the season.

For me, that is more important than results. I will take my initiatives first so that the team can be champions in the K League 2. We will do our best to show wonderful moments to our fans. So I hope many of you come to the stadium and cheer for us.

Michael Redmond
K League United Columnist

Translated by Lee Seulji