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2021 K League in Interviews: April to May

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Up next in our review of 2021 in interviews are Edinho, An Byong-jun, Doneil Henry, and Osmar.



Edinho joined Daejeon Hana Citizen mid-way through the 2020 season and left this summer. But before his departure, the diminutive Brazilian spoke of his determination to help guide Daejeon back to the big time of K League 1.

"The team has had good games but, for sure, we lack something. We have to work hard, to be more confident. We lost our last game but we have two important games coming up this week - we have to work hard and to get the results in these two games."

"First of all, I expect that I have to score more goals. In youth I played as an attacker so I am trying to play this position well, being in the box and to score goals easily. About free-kicks, I am working hard. When I was in Brazil, there was one head coach (at Fortazela) called Rogério Ceni - he was a big player in Brazil and a very good free-kick taker. He taught me, actually, and I am working hard on these skills. I have to work hard to score more goals."

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An Byong-jun

Meanwhile, An Byong-jun, despite scoring the goal which sent Suwon FC to K League 1, was in the red of Busan IPark in 2021. Even as early as May, An knew that his team needed to improve if he was to be winning promotion for the second year in a row.

"I wouldn’t say this is a good start, but the season has just started, and I think things are in the process of coming together for us...I feel as though I have improved a lot as a player since I came to Korea, and have been able to put in good performances for the fans. I want to keep showing these kind of performances and keep improving."

Full Interview: here


Doneil Henry

Suwon Bluewings defender Doneil Henry talked about his move to K League and the progress his team were making.

"It's been a great adjustment on something that I wasn't sure about in the beginning. But, following the [COVID-19] protocols and then still being able to have a life outside of football too kind of helped me a lot because I haven't been able to see much family over the calendar football year. My life in Korea is amazing, I met some amazing people, the football this year has been really good so it helps with everything else."

"Last year, we would have been celebrating and being happy. But we're really annoyed to know that we squandered points against Ulsan, who is now at the top of the K League after beating Jeonbuk, and then squandering our lead or one thing we did in the 90 minutes (against Daegu). So, we can tell the boys are mad and being mad is a good thing. Because it shows that we know we can get in a scuffle and fight with the best of them and get results. We've done it so far this season. We've had some really big wins. But we've also played some good football and scored really good goals. So now we're definitely on the right path and we just want to continue to do these kinds of things."

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On the other side of the Super Match, Osmar in May celebrated reaching 200 K League appearances.

"I knew [about 200 appearances] because people started talking on social media but I don't keep count. I honestly didn't know but my wife told me something a month ago or even before the season started, that it was 11 or 12 games away from the 200. And when I think back 'wow, 200 - a season is only 38 games and only once I played full time.' The time has just flown by."

"When I was in Thailand, I started following Asian football and I first noticed that K League was one of the best leagues and then I faced FC Seoul in Champions League. And I just fell in love, the way they played, and I imagined myself living in Seoul, in a huge city like this and it was like like a dream. Then I started thinking that Thailand would be a great opportunity, to give me a chance to open up to  Asian football and trying to reach the biggest clubs in Asia. Back then FC Seoul was one of the probably top three to five clubs [in Asia]. So, I wanted to come here."

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Managing Editor