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2021 K League 1 Top Three Teams: Attack

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The K League 1 Top Three Teams series has reached the final third. Which K League 1 teams have shown the most willingness to shoot? 


If you don't shoot you don't score. Ulsan Hyundai may have finished the season as runners up but in terms of shots made, the Horangi sit top of the table having dispatched 522 shots, on average 13.74 per 90 minutes. Suwon FC sit second in this regard with 494 (13 per 90) while Nam Ki-il's Jeju United came in third with 479 (12.61 per 90).

Shots on Target

It's a numbers game. More shots dispatched means more shots that are likely to hit the target. That seemed to be Usan's approach in 2021, sitting top in this regard with 189 (4.97 per 90). Champions Jeonbuk are second with 176 (4.63 per 90) while Suwon FC are third with 167 (4.39 per 90).

Blocked Shots

Try as you might, sometimes the shot doesn't reach its intended target. Ulsan had the most shots blocked with 134 (3.53), Jeju close behind with 131 (3.45) while Gwangju FC, who suffered the agony of relegation, round off the top three with 125 (3.29). What if...

Shots in 18-yard Box

Working the ball into the 18-yard box before having a pop seemed to be the way forward for three of K League's biggest clubs. Ulsan made 298 shots from inside the area (7.84 per 90), Jeonbuk just 20 fewer with 278 (7.32) while Pohang Steelers are third with 263 (6.92).

Shots Outside 18-yard Box

If an opportunity to have a dig from distance presents itself, or if you see the goalkeeper off his line, why not see if they're alert? Suwon FC had the most shots from outside the area in 2021 with 237 (6.24 per 90), Jeju United next with 225 (5.92) while Ulsan finish third with 224 (5.89).

Shots from Free-kicks

K League has no shortage of free-kick specialists. Two of the league's best play for some of the teams in this top three. Suwon Bluewings and Gwangju FC both made the most shots from free-kicks in 2021 with 25 (0.66 per 90), followed by Daegu FC with 24 (0.63). In terms of free-kicks that hit the target, though, Gwangju were top with 10, Jeju second with nine and Suwon FC third with eight.

Successful Dribbles

Nothing gets fans on the edge of their seat quite like a mazy dribble with players gliding past defenders with grace and poise. Pohang Steelers made the most dribbles in 2021 with 105 (2.76 per 90), just one more than Ulsan with 104 (2.74 per 90) while Daegu sit third with 90 (2.37).

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Paul Neat
Managing Editor