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Derbies of K League 2 in 2023

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There's nothing quite like derby day and a win over your team's rivals. And so with the new season edging closer, a guide to the derbies of K League 2 in 2023. One added detail in K League 2 this year is that, with teams playing each other three times, one team will have two home games against their rivals while the other will have only one.

Nakdong River Derby

K League Matches Played: 46 Gyeongnam FC Wins: 23  Draws: 8 Busan IPark Wins: 15 
Goals Scored: Gyeongnam FC 56-52 Busan IPark

Gyeongnam FC play most of their home games in Changwon, the largest city in South Gyeongsang Province, or 'Gyeongnam'. The Nakdong River slices through Gyeongnam on its way to meet the Korea Strait, the sea which connects Korea and Japan. On the opposite side of the Nakdong River from Changwon is the metropolitan city of Busan, hence the name the 'Nakdong River Derby'. 

The first meeting dates back to April 2006, a 3-2 Busan win. The two would square off every year thereafter until Gyeongnam were relegated to the second tier in 2014. But, Busan joined Gyeongnam in K League 2 just a year later and the rivalry resumed until 2017 when Gyeongnam won promotion again. The old foes then met in the 2019 K League Promotion-Relegation Playoff Final for what was their first meeting in two years. Busan won over the two legs, further intensifying an already heated rivalry. Meetings between these two teams are never lacking in entertainment or incident.

2023 Fixtures

Round 7, 15th April 2023 - Busan IPark vs Gyeongnam FC
Round 14, 21st May 2023 - Gyeongnam FC vs Busan IPark
Round 34, 1st October 2023 - Gyeongnam FC vs Busan IPark

Line 4 Derby

K League Matches Played: 23 Ansan Greeners Wins: 24  Draws: 5 FC Anyang Wins: 34
Goals Scored: Ansan Greeners 24-34 FC Anyang

Both located in Gyeonggi Province, part of the greater capital area, FC Anyang and Ansan Greeners go to battle under the name the 'Line 4 Derby' - one of the newest derbies in K League. It is named after the Seoul Metro line which connects the two cities. One of the most dramatic encounters came in the build-up to the playoffs in the 2019 season when the Green Wolves were on course for a place in the top four for the first time in their short history. Ansan held a 2-1 lead heading into the last 10 minutes against rivals Anyang thanks to a brace from Masatoshi Ishida. But a late Violets fight back, including a 94th-minute winner, dealt Ansan a huge blow. The Green Wolves then went on to fall out of the top four, Anyang made it to the Promotion Final. Despite Anyang's success of late and coming so close to promotion, the last 10 meetings have been dead even with four wins each and two draws. 

2023 Fixtures

Round 3, 12th March 2023 - Ansan Greeners vs FC Anyang
Round 26, 12th August 2023 - FC Anyang vs Ansan Greeners
Round 38, 12th November 2023 - Ansan Greeners vs FC Anyang

New K League 2 Derbies

Chungcheong Derby 2 

With Daejeon Hana Citizen's promotion to K League 1, the second tier has lost one of its derbies - the Chungcheong Derby. But, with the arrival of two new teams from the Chungcheong provinces, K League 2 has another Chungcheong derby. This is a match that brings together teams from the two Chungcheong provinces, Cheonan City from the south and Chungbuk Cheongju from the north. The two teams have faced each other six times in K3 but the Round 12 clash in Cheongju on May 6th will be the first in K League. The record is one-sided with Cheonan City winning all six previous meetings, scoring 14, and conceding just one.

2023 Fixtures

Round 12, 6th May 2023 - Chungbuk Cheongju vs Cheonan City
Round 21, 15th July 2023 - Cheonan City vs Chungbuk Cheongju
Round 28, 27th August 2023 - Cheonan City vs Chungbuk Cheongju

Cheonan City vs Chungnam Asan 

The Cheonan City versus Asan Mugunghwa is another Chungcheong-based derby, this time with two times from South Chungcheong. However, the two teams have never actually played each other before. The first is coming up in March 2023 before meetings in May and October. 

2023 Fixtures

Round 4, 18th March 2023 - Chungnam Asan vs Cheonan City
Round 14, 20th May 2023 - Cheonan City vs Chungnam Asan
Round 37, 28th October 2023 - Chungnam Asan vs Cheonan City