K LEAGUE Visual Identity Guidelines

Basic Type

K리그 Basic 기본형로고

Background and Intention

The new emblem of the Korean professional soccer was made by adding the soccer ball with the shooting star (K) with the Taegeuk of the Republic of Korea as the main motive. The intense colors of red and blue black put emphasis on the passionate and dynamic image of soccer. In the new emblem, it embodies the assets of 30 years of professional soccer K league, and it has the pride and pride as Asia's top professional league. He added a solid, solid three-dimensional feel and a sense of volume to the smooth curve of the soccer field, and Shooting Star (K), the symbol of Korea's best soccer player, expressed his dynamic dancing on the soccer field.

The red collar symbolizes the passion and love of the people towards football and the football itself as a festival enjoyed by people all over the world, as well as a joyful, joyful and exciting sport of victory. Blue Black Collar has achieved the status, reputation, and premium image of Korea's top professional sports and Asian top professional league.

Signature combination

K리그 클래식 로고 K리그 챌린지 로고

Signature combination

  • K리그 레드
    PANTONE 1795C

    C0 M95 Y100 K0

    R238 G50 B36

  • K리그 다크레드
    PANTONE 7623C

    C0 M100 Y100 K40

    R157 G10 B15

  • K리그 블루
    PANTONE 285C

    C100 M95 Y0 K10

    R0 G103 B172

  • K리그 다크블루
    PANTONE 2965C

    C0 M60 Y0 K10

    R0 G28 B72

  • K리그 그레이
    PANTONE Cool Gray 4c

    C0 M0 Y0 K25

    R198 G200 B202

Background Color Standards (Black)

K LEAGUE Division Name


K리그 클래식 Division


K리그 챌린지 Division