Greetings of President

I love the K League
For fans and K League families

I wish you health and happiness..

President of the Korea Professional Football Federation


Welcome to the K League soccer fans
The K League, which celebrates its 35th anniversary this year, has made a lot of progress with its interest and support.
It is equipped with the appearance of the 1st and 2nd leagues by the elevation system,
K league academy has brought about many changes such as nurturing talent, collecting paid crowds, and making management announcements.
There is still a shortage, such as TV broadcasting expansion, settlement of culture of association, fairness of judging judgment, and strengthening of marketing, but I will do my best to create a better K league by all the members of K league.
Above all, K league can be activated if the club's finances are reliably supported.
We will continue to develop overseas markets such as Southeast Asia and strengthen the financial soundness of each club through integrated marketing.
I will do my best to expand my social contribution activities and to raise awareness of "our team" to reach one more step closer to the local residents.
We will put more efforts into revitalizing youth soccer, which is the root of Korean soccer, by introducing a lower grade league to foster excellent youth.
In order to ensure the fairness of judgments, we will also promote innovative approaches such as the introduction of "video referees".
Soccer fans, this year, the K league will run strong.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to all the football fans for their support of the K league,
We will do our best to create a fair K league and a fun K league to breathe with our fans.
Thank you for your generosity and interest. Thank you.