Suwon Samsung Bluewings Manager Lee Limsaeng and striker Adam Taggart, along with FC Seoul boss Choi Yongsoo and midfielder Osmar Ibanez Barba, spoke to the nation’s media on Wednesday morning ahead of the first Super Match of the 2019 K League 1 season. Highlights from Super Match Media Day from K League Head Quarters.

Suwon Samsung Bluewings

Lee Limsaeng 

“I know how much interest there is in the Super Match and so we will do our best to make the fans happy. Both teams will be doing their best to get a result and put on a good performance so we need step up in games like this and take responsibility. We are looking forward to the match.

“Recently, we have done our best in games but we haven’t got the results. But in the Super Match, we know how important this match is, we know the fans’ expectations and will do our best, we have prepared well. It’s not just about the result, we want to put on a performance for the fans too and will do our utmost best in order to do so.”

Adam Taggart

“It’s a big match and everyone from Suwon is really looking forward to it. It is in our home ground and we have got amazing support so hopefully we can get a good win to set us up for the rest of the season.

“I think like Head Coach said, our fans really deserve a win; they’re so good every home and away game. If we work together as a team then I am sure we can get the win. This is the main thing, if we work together as a team; if we do that we can beat anyone. It will be an entertaining match and we are looking forward to it. 

“I think in the past I have enjoyed playing in big games; if you don’t enjoy it there is no point in playing football. Big games are more exciting and you look forward to it all week. I have heard so much about it [Super Match], everyone has been talking about it and how much it means so I am looking forward to it. 

“I have scored in big game before and at Suwon I feel confident to score in big games. I am confident that I can make a big impact. I think what everyone wants to see from us on the weekend is to fight for the 90 minutes and I think that’s what the fans deserve, this is the way we want to play - if we fight together. Fight is the word we need to use, stick together and fight together.”

FC Seoul

Choi Yongsoo

"The Super Match is the most important in K League. Our players were unlucky against Jeonbuk but we have prepared well for this game  and to give the fans a good result. We want to play attacking football with good tempo. I have a lot of respect for K League fans, for all of them. We will do our best to put on a good game.”

Osmar Ibáñez Barba

“Everyone knows what the Super Match means. As our Head Coach has said, this is for the fans, we want to make a great show and for my part I will try to do my best for FC Seoul and take all three points. 

“I know this is an emotional game but what I would like to show on the pitch is a great show, great style, an aggressive style - this what defines FC Seoul, I think. We need to keep those emotions, do our best and it will be a great match to watch for everyone. I hope they all enjoy it and that we can get the victory. 

“My advice is to enjoy these types of games so for those who are [playing in a Super Match] for the first time they have to show what they have inside, their passion. We have to enjoy it all together. Win or lose, we have to show passion and an aggressive style. That’s what this game means for everybody, we have to put on a great show. 

“For me it will be an honour to play against him [Dejan], he is one of my biggest friends that I could have made in football. It will be special but he will be on the other team so as long as the game lasts he will be my opponent. We will have to be careful because he is one of the best but he needs partners to do his job and score the goals. It is not only up to him, we have to focus on their whole team.”

"Honestly I don’t think about [the players who have left], I miss some people because I had some friends but, as a player, I don’t want to think about that. We have to focus on getting better now and honestly I don’t think about anyone that I miss.

“My last comment for the fans is that I hope they believe me when I say that we prepare well for every game, not just this game. I have a lot of respect for the coach and we will show respect to the fans and I hope many can come and we can have a full stadium and spread the word that K League is strong.”

Paul Neat
K League United Associate Editor